Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It in 2022?

JetPage Team Oct 25, 2022
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To see if affiliate marketing is still worth it for your blog, you'll need to look at what affiliate marketing exactly is, and what other monetization options you have. So what is Affiliate marketing exactly?

Affiliate marketing is simply referrals. An affiliate provides a unique online link that if someone clicks and buys the product, the affiliate will receive a commission. Unlike a company salesperson, an affiliate can sell multiple brands. A fashion affiliate might be an affiliate for multiple brands so that they can recommend brands they believe in and trust, instead of only being able to recommend the brand they work for.

Affiliate marketing has been around for a long time but with the rise of online businesses it has taken off in popularity in recent years. Over 84% of companies use affiliate marketing and rely on it as a major driver of sales.

As e-commerce grows and customers are offered thousands of choices, people increasingly turn to affiliate websites to decide. In fact, 85% of online shoppers check Google for information before making a purchase.

Everywhere you look online you'll find affiliate marketing. Big publishers like CNN, the New York Times, and Buzzfeed increasingly rely on affiliate marketing to generate revenue. Almost every online review blog or video now includes affiliate links. And some of these sites are worth big money. Affiliate site was recently purchased for $160 million. With so many affiliates is the market oversaturated?

Is Affiliate Marketing Oversaturated?

The good news is, with Affiliate Marketing expected to grow to an $8.2 Billion industry in 2022, there's never been more money available.

Affiliate Marketing Spending from 2010 to 2022

Companies have also increased their affiliate budgets. According to a Viglink survey, 91% of companies plan to increase or maintain their affiliate budgets.

While large publications dominate broad categories, there's a huge opportunity for creating affiliate sites in smaller niches. With a smaller niche, you can build a strong brand and reputation that potential customer’s trust.

Do you need a huge social media following for affiliate marketing to be worth it?

You might think that only influencers can make money with affiliate marketing. But the truth is you can still make money without a personal brand. When people search google for reviews of a brand they aren't looking for influencers. They are looking for trustworthy websites that provide good information.

More than social media ranking higher with search engine optimization is what's key. In fact, SEO is the most common traffic source for affiliate marketers, followed by social media, blogging than email marketing. A blog is one of the best ways to get people to sign up for your email list.

Top web traffic sources

While social media is a great tool to leverage for distributing blog posts and content. You certainly do not need to have thousands of followers to do affiliate marketing successfully. You'll also find that building a trustworthy brand through, a website and consistent content creation will build a loyal social media and email marketing following.

Is Affiliate Marketing worth it compared to Google AdSense?

How does affiliate marketing compare to Google AdSense for making money with a blog? While affiliate marketing pays commissions, Google Adsense pays per click. These can range from 15 cents to $3 depending on your niche. Affiliate marketing commissions can range from just a few cents to thousands of dollars depending on the product.

Affiliate marketing has a few advantages over Google Adsense. With a good affiliate product that offers $30 or more. in commission, you need significantly less traffic than you would need to earn $30 with AdSense.

Affiliate marketing also allows you to build a customer list with email marketing that allows you to get repeat customers consistently. Since you can send them information on products they would be likely to buy.

While you can do both on your website, Google Adsense can slow down your site which affects SEO. Having a large number of ads on your site and putting them in prominent positions to get more clicks will also hurt the experience of a visitor to your site who will be less likely to want to come back to your site.

If you commit to creating content that provides value to your potential customer. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to start monetizing your blog. While SEO takes time, once you have content that can generate sales you can generate passive income for years to come.

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