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JetPage Team May 02, 2023
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jetpage updates, feature releases, and news

Here you will find all the official JetPage feature releases, updates, and sneak peek at future features.

This post will be updated often, so make sure to bookmark it and revisit frequently.

The features you see below are all thanks to YOUR customer feedback, and we look forward to building the website builder for entrepreneurs and business owners to get more done effortlessly, saving both time and money.

May 2023 Update: JetPage AI is Here!

Today we’re happy to announce that JetPage is now powered by A.I., utilizing the same revolutionary technology that has taken the world by storm in ChatGPT.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, JetPage can now help you keyword research, write, and publish SEO-friendly blog content 10 times faster than ever before!

Watch this YouTube video to see how it works, or keep reading below:

  1. With our new Ideas Generator, you can type in your custom niche, or select a niche

  2. Choose a ranking difficulty, and generate keyword topic clusters.

  3. Select a topic and then generate a list of Keyword opportunities.

  4. Then select a keyword, or type in your own, and generate a list of blog article ideas complete with SEO-optimized titles.

  5. Finally, choose a title and click “Create Blog Post” to immediately go into writing mode.

  6. To start, we can even write a first draft or outline of our blog post in a single click!

In just a minute or two, you will see a draft of your blog post in the text editor.

Now all you need to do is add your own content and images, formatting, and hit “Publish”.

What used to take days or weeks to do, can all be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

Thanks to JetPage AI, you no longer need expensive SEO software to find great opportunities, and built-in A.I. helps you write and publish blog posts 10 times faster.

Sign up on today to test out all of these features with a 14-day free trial.

These features are new and considered to be in beta. You are more than welcome to share your feedback with us via live chat or email to help us rapidly improve.

We are confident that the future in productivity is by leveraging A.I., and JetPage will continue to innovate in order to fulfill our mission to make our customers’ lives easier and more productive and efficient moving forward.

April 2023 Update: Homepage Customization

As heavily requested, we have now added the ability for more homepage customization.

When JetPage first began, we only had 1 single universal homepage template, perfect for blogging and optimized for performance.

As we grew, many users requested the ability to customize their website's homepage.

Now you have the ability to set ANY page that you create as your website’s home.

How to customize homepage:

  1. Simply go to “Edit Site”, create a New Page, and Publish.

  2. Hover over the Page you wish to set as Home, and click the “Set Home” button.

  3. Please note that doing this will remove the default Page Title from the Page. To replace this, you can customize your own <H1> with the “Site Title” heading option in the text editor toolbar.

  4. Now that you have a new homepage, it’s time to update the Menu.

  5. On the Edit Site page, click Menu, and you will see the new Home with a home icon. The old default Home still links to the default Blog Home, and you can simply rename this “Blog” or choose to Hide it from the Menu.

You can also Unpublish the default “Contact” page and “Hide” it from the Menu as well.

Adding homepage customization is the first step in expanding JetPage into a true website builder, but we understand it is still limited for certain users.

Please share your feedback with us via email or live chat on how you want to be able to customize your sites further, with ideas such as:

  • Drag-and-drop editing

  • Sections

  • Landing page templates

  • What kind of templates you want to see in general?

Thank you for continuing to support JetPage, and we are always looking to improve our platform to make your lives and jobs easier and more productive :)

October 2022 Updates

Watch the YouTube Video, or scroll down to read more below:

Buttons are finally here!

JetPage button editor

As highly requested, you can now add and create clickable buttons directly from the JetPage text editor!

You will now see a "Buy" button icon next to the "HTML" button in the text editor toolbar.

Buttons can be customized with different text color, button color, shapes, and size.

When you hover over the buttons on a Published post or page, they will also have a nice interactive effect.

Quality of Life Improvements: Fixed Text Editor Toolbar, "Save as Draft" stays in Editor

Thanks to your customer feedback, we have made some highly-requested quality of life improvements to make using JetPage even easier and more enjoyable than before.

We have fixed the Text Editor toolbar when creating Posts and Pages, as it was very annoying to constantly scroll up and down to change a Heading or similar action.

Also, the "Save as Draft" button would take you out of the editor and back to the Blog or Edit Site page.

Now, clicking "Save as Draft" stays on the page so you can continue working while knowing your current work is backed up. So make sure to "Save as Draft" as often as possible!

Technical SEO Improvements: 100 Health Score on Ahrefs!

100 Health Score on Ahrefs

Technical SEO is at the heart of the JetPage platform, making the jobs of bloggers, affiliate marketers, and SEOs easier than ever before.

Our first priority was to pass Google Core Web Vitals and Page Experience for both Mobile and Desktop inside of Google Search Console.

This was a difficult task, but we have achieved it and are giving that same performance to ALL of our customers on the platform:

Passing Core Web Vitals and Page Experience in Google Search Console

Next, we wanted to pass various technical SEO tools, with the #1 being Ahrefs.

We were almost there before, with health scores ranging around 90-95 on average for our customer sites.

But with Core Web Vitals/Page Experience passing 100%, we put our efforts into getting a perfect 100 on Ahrefs as well.

One issue we fixed was "duplicate content without canonical" for certain Homepages.

After that, we noticed our customers' health scores hit 100.

We will continue to monitor these scores by utilizing both Google Search Console and technical SEO tools like Ahrefs, and make sure that your sites are performing the best they can.

More Affiliate Network Verification Options

We have now added the ability to verify more affiliate networks.

Please email us at with the affiliate network you need verified and we show you how.

What are we working on next?

Here is a short list of what we are planning to release in the next update:

- Homepage customization options

- No-follow link option for affiliate links

- Performance improvements

That's it for the October 2022 updates! Thank you so much for being a JetPage customer and helping us create the best website builder on the market.

Oh and Happy Halloween! 👻

August 2022 Updates

Watch the YouTube Video, or scroll down to read more below:

HUGE performance boost from Automatic Image Compression, Resizing, and Converting to WebP

Large images are often the #1 reason for massively slowing down page speeds (aside from bloated Javascript in WordPress plugins and themes, and slow shared hosting servers).

From working with our users who are receiving millions of Google Search Console impressions, we learned that we could massively improve Google Core Web vitals scores by heavily focusing on image compression and converting to a next-gen image format like Google’s WebP.

We worked on this feature for months and are SO happy with the results: Up to 97% reduction in image file sizes or MORE.

Watch the August 2022 YouTube update above to see a before and after test, with the exact same total page size being reduced from 7.71 MB down to just 352 KB, on a test with 10 large images that started at 859 KB per image:

There are premium services and WordPress plugins that are charging up to $20 USD per month for image resizing and compression. We are including it in EVERY JetPage customer account for FREE!

This is a massive improvement in keeping our customer’s sites lean and fast, and the best part? You don’t even have to lift a finger (or update any plugins).

The JetPage platform automatically does the heavy lifting for you whenever you upload an image, copy/paste it from Google docs, or simply press “Publish”.

We debated adding in some sort of button so you could click “Compress Images” like some WordPress plugins, but we realized that would only be more work on your part.

This is all part of our constant effort to keep the JetPage platform fast and on the cutting-edge, and we’re far from done.

Table of Contents

Being able to add a clickable Table of Contents was a highly requested feature. You’ll now notice the ability to turn it at the bottom of your blog post editor next to where you edit the SEO meta title and meta description.

We made it so it will automatically use your headings (Heading 1 for main topics, Heading 2 for sub-topics below the main topics) to make a clickable table of contents. No need to waste any time typing one on your own.

We made the Table of Contents stickied to the right side on desktop so users can jump around an article conveniently.

For mobile, the Table of Contents is static at the top of your blog post, below the Featured image.

Floating Affiliate Disclaimer Widget

Since affiliate disclaimers are typically required to be at the top of a page, where they can easily be seen near affiliate links, it can be a pain for affiliate marketers to have to continually write out a disclaimer every time they create a new piece of content and display it near their links.

You’ll now notice that right under where you edit the meta title and meta description for your blog posts, is the option to turn on the affiliate disclaimer. Here you can easily toggle on an Affiliate Disclaimer and write your own custom message.

For Desktop: This will display on the right sidebar below the table of contents. No more having to bother writing a new disclaimer for every affiliate article!

For Mobile: This will display below your Table of Contents right before your blog content, or right after the Featured image if Table of Contents is OFF.

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