Blogging vs YouTube Channels: Which Should You Start?

JetPage Team Oct 25, 2022
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Deciding between blogging or building youtube channels can be a tough decision. They both present unique opportunities and with just a little bit of extra effort, you can actually do both effectively!

With the increased cost of social media ads, click fraud, inaccurate targeting, and privacy concerns, digital advertising is no longer the easy way to grow your brand anymore. More and more companies are turning to content marketing. That is creating organic content via blogs, videos, podcasts, and more.

Content marketing is one of the best ways to grow your own brand whether your a huge company or a total beginner who would like to make money online. Because content marketing is so important and takes effort, it's important to know which type of content you should focus on.

When should you focus on a building YouTube channel?

Videos are one of the most engaging methods of content. But they can take a lot of work. From writing a script to filming and editing, you can easily spend weeks on just 1 piece of content.

But consistent uploading and work will pay off. Because it takes more effort many people and brands never bother. Or give up after just a few attempts. If you don't mind getting on camera, building a youtube channel is a perfect way to start content marketing.

When you're building your YouTube channel make sure to look professional from the beginning. Spending a little money for custom video intros and outros, and a header image will pay back over time. Showing your potential audience you take it seriously and are trying to make good content goes a long way. The good news is you can film good-looking videos with your phone camera and microphones that cost under $100.

Doing keyword research on topics using the "YouTube" option on Google Trends will help you find topics to make videos. And most importantly you need to upload consistently. At first, it can seem pointless because it takes a while to get traction. But keep at it and you'll start to see your view counts and subscribers go up.

When should you focus on blogging?

One of the most important advantages of having your own blog is that you own the platform. On social media, you're dependent on their algorithm. You can get lose the ability to monetize and if the algorithm changes it can be hard to keep getting people to your content.

With your own blog, you can easily build an email list of subscribers. This list will allow you to send updates, or upsell offers to people who you know love what you offer. It is also a great way to monetize a social media audience. If you have your own website you can send followers back to your blog so that they can see what else you have to offer. Your blog can be a great place to have all your social media channels in one place.

Plus, as a beginner, if you don't want the stress of being on camera, a blog allows you to create content without putting a face on camera. Since blogs don't show follower counts, you can look like a strong million-dollar brand even when you're just starting.

The key to growing your blog is to master Search Engine Optimization(SEO). This is optimizing your website so that it ranks higher on google for a given search term. Researching on free tools like Google Trends will help you figure out what topics to talk about in your articles. Technical SEO, i.e. getting your blog to have fast load times, be mobile responsive and be secure, can be more challenging.

That's why we created a simple solution, JetPage. With JetPage you can generate a professional-looking blog in seconds that already is optimized for technical SEO. There's no need to have to spend months and thousands of dollars trying to solve it on your own. If you're interested in learning about all the top blogging platforms check out, our list here!

When it comes down to deciding between YouTube channels or blogging, the best answer is to do both. Luckily it doesn't have to mean spending tons of time on both!

How to easily use multiple channels (blogging, YouTube & podcasts!)

Using multiple channels to distribute content is one of the best ways to outpace your competition. Most people only do one platform, and so if you can do several you can get your content in front of more people. This can seem incredibly difficult, but it doesn't have to be!

If your main focus is YouTube, you can transcribe your videos into blog posts, and then use the audio as a podcast! You can repurpose one piece of content for multiple platforms. The trick is to make slight changes so that each piece of content is native to the platform. After you create a blog post, for example, go find online discussions about that topic on message boards, forums, or Twitter. Then add your voice by giving a useful answer and then linking to your blog posts if people want to read more.

If you record a long podcast, take a few clips out and put them on youtube, or even shorter clips and put them on Tik-Tok. If you focus on creating high-value content, you can have a blog article get sales for you for years to come.

While starting out can seem overwhelming and wondering how you ever can compete with the thousands of people blogging and creating YouTube channels. But just creating any piece of content puts you ahead of 70% of people. And putting that piece of content on multiple platforms puts you ahead of 90%. If you're ready to start creating, you can start your FREE trial of JetPage today (no credit card required) and publish your first blog post today!

If you need more help make sure to find us on Facebook and Twitter to ask questions, suggest new features, and learn about all the new features we’re releasing soon!

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