Google Search On Event 2022 - How it affects SEO

JetPage Team Oct 25, 2022
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Google Search On

Google’s Search On is an event where they announced new features on September 28th, 2022. While there were no major announcements about new AI or Natural Language Processing (NLP), there were a lot of minor improvements and some interesting changes that point to new SEO challenges and opportunities.

Here are the features that you should pay attention to for SEO going forward. You can see a full list of all the new features here.


People can now take a picture of something, and be served multiple types of search results. For example, people can take a picture of a food dish and they can see what restaurants are serving it, recipes, and articles about the history of the dish.

This allows more types of content to rank, and provides a new type of “keyword research.” Going forward it will be important to find ways to figure out what type of “image searches” you can get your content to rank for.

Buying Guides 

Google will now provide basic information about products and answers to commonly asked questions about a product. Google tested this feature out back in March, but now it is officially rolling out. 

In the example above, all the results for specific e-commerce stores and retailers were previously drowned out by blogs and review articles. Alternatively, numerous review articles will now be linked at the top thanks to buying guides.

Make sure your articles follow the Product Review Guidelines, and that you are answering the buying guide questions Google is asking in its search results. 

3D Images

According to Google people interact 50% more with 3D images than static ones. Because of this Google is now providing a new tool that can create 3D images using just 3 photos instead of hundreds. 

While this is most helpful in e-commerce, even review articles can benefit. Using 3D images in your reviews can add a new dimension, help you stand out, and in the future have some benefit with Google ranking.  

The new “Discussions and forums” category

Google is well aware of the criticism from users that searching for reviews on Reddit typically results in more authentic results than the results on Google. This is why the recent updates like the Helpful Content and Product Review Updates have been so focused on rewarding valuable, original, authentic content.

They are also now adding a “Discussions and forums” section under search queries.

This means that instead of just writing your blog and trying to rank it, you’ll also want to focus on distributing it via online forums and discussion boards.

Now, you can’t just go spam-posting your blog on these forums, but you can go and find relevant questions that your blog article answers. Then provide an in-depth thoughtful answer, and at the end, link to your blog for further reading.

Easier Auto-Complete on Mobile with Topics

As you're typing a search on mobile, words that potentially go along with what you're searching will appear below. You can easily click these words and add them to your search.

According to Google “We’re also making it easier to explore a subject by highlighting the most relevant and helpful information, including content from creators”.

This will help more people search for more long-tail queries and keywords. As Google is trying to show people more focused content, make sure your content is narrowed down to your specific niche.

Explore Section 

Google is now providing an “Explore” section that will allow it to show multiple search intents for one search term. If you search the name of a movie, it will still show you showtimes, where to rent/stream it, etc. Now it will also show more types of articles and information in the explore section.

You can now see Google showing articles that are reviews of the movie, an analysis of the movie, or news about a sequel.

While you used to need to know the single main search intent for each keyword, now you have some more flexibility catering to multiple search intents. Having content that serves a different search intent might help you get shown in the Explore section for certain users. 

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