Why you Should Start Amateur Blogging Today!

JetPage Team Oct 25, 2022
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Have you thought about starting amateur blogging? Maybe you enjoy writing, or traveling and have always wanted to share your thoughts with the world. But you might be wondering is it worth it as an amateur blogger? Can I make any money? Is it hard to set up? What would I even write about?

The good news is, it has never been easier to start your own blog, and there are some amazing benefits that not a lot of people realize to having your very own blog. And yes you can definitely make money with a blog in 2022.

Is it still worth blogging as an amateur in 2022?

With the rise of social media, you might think a blog isn't worth it anymore. But the truth is having your own blog or website is getting even more important.

If you only have social media you can easily lose your audience if they change the algorithm. It's also hard for your followers to consistently see your new content. And if you have a video get less engagement many social media platforms won't show your next video to as many people.

Having your own website and blog allows you to build an email list and build a more loyal audience. It allows you to have a platform you own that you can direct people to no matter what social media channel they find you on.

Social media is great for distributing content. And using it is a great way to increase views to your blog and improve how your site ranks on Google. But you can't rely on it as the only way.

The growth of platforms like substack shows that audiences are still hungry for long-form content. And besides the ability to directly start monetizing your blog, there are also some lesser-known advantages as well.

The advantages of having your own blog

The biggest advantage is that you can make money! Whether it's through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, or Google AdSense you can build an additional revenue stream for you and your loved ones.

No matter what you're interested in writing about there are ways to make money with it. And while it takes time to build up an audience, you don't need to be an influencer with millions of followers to make good money. If you are curious about monetizing your blog. Check out our article about using affiliate marketing compared to AdSense.

Secondly, blogging can lead to a new job! If you want to write for a living blogging is a great way to get more experience and build. writing portfolio. With content marketing becoming a bigger and bigger industry every year, you could land yourself a freelance writing job thanks to your new blog even. if you don't get too many views.

Even if you don't want a job writing, a personal blog and website are a great way to demonstrate knowledge of an industry and show potential employers you have writing skills and can be a good fit for a role.

Unlike social media that displays your follower count and views your blog doesn't. If you have a well-designed, professional-looking blog you can look incredibly impressive to potential employers and clients. And even get you opportunities for companies to come to you and pay you to write about their product or service.

Lastly, It's also a great way to network, trading guest posts with other people in your niche allows you to meet some incredible people.

How to Start Blogging as An Amateur

So how do you get started? If you've used WordPress before and got so frustrated you were ready to quit, don't worry! These days you have better options that can do the hard work for you. The industry has come a long way since Blogger. You can see our list of the top blogging platforms here.

The first thing you'll need is a domain name. This will be a .com or .org or whatever other web address you'd like. A domain isn't expensive you can get one from namecheap.com for less than $10 a year! You should pick one that makes it clear what your blog is about.

Once you have your domain name you'll need to find web hosting (which is what will power your website) and some type of content management system that will allow you to write and publish blog posts.

Web hosting can be either shared, dedicated, or cloud. Shared means you share space on a server with other websites. This is the cheapest option BUT has big drawbacks. It often results in a slow website which makes it harder to rank highly on Google and perform good search engine optimization(SEO)

Dedicated means you own a server or several servers. This is what large companies used to do and it is incredibly expensive.

Cloud hosting using providers like Amazon Web Services(AWS) allows to leverage huge server farms that are constantly optimizing based on wherever a visitor to your site is located. This results in much faster load times. It also prevents most outages because it will automatically adapt to however much traffic you are getting. Cloud hosting is much cheaper than dedicated hosting, and can dramatically increase how high your sites rank.

The easiest way to start blogging...

Content Management Systems can be endlessly complex like WordPress or fairly simple. As an amateur, web design and navigating things like SSL(what allows you to get the lock symbol next to your domain name), technical SEO and site load times can be overwhelming.

JetPage is a new solution that allows you to get a modern SEO-optimized blog with AWS cloud hosting built-in, in just minutes. You don't have to worry about paid WordPress themes that bloat your site and slow it down. Or spend months trying to get your site designed. You can just start writing your blog! You can try it out for free, no credit card required, and get your site up and running in 2 minutes.

Don't let being an amateur stop you from blogging! It's never been easier or more rewarding to start a blog. You can even use AI copywriting tools to help you overcome writer’s block.

We are constantly working on the JetPage platform and are always open to feedback and feature requests. Please feel free to reach out to us via our Facebook Group, Twitter, or the Live Chat support on JetPage.co :)

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